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Sunday, March 1, 2015

"Gear it Up!" - the March Steampunk Challenge

Servus and welcome to the start of our new challenge for March, dear Steampunk friends and creating minds!

Last month's challenge was a tough one and our players who bravely dared leave some "unfinished" looking areas with their projects can be so proud! Our Top3 and the prize winner will be announced next Saturday - so don't miss to check back to find out if you are one of them!

This time the challenge is much easier! I promise! lol

We want you to create a Steampunk project of any kind you like and

"Gear it up!"

Stamped, embossed, drawn, painted, real, die cut, chipboard, stencilled,....well, gears of any sort you can think of are what we want to see with any projects you can think of - and not only two or three added in a corner here and there for further embellishment! Gears should be one of the main parts of your creations - which shouldn't conflict with creating some glorious Steampunk anyway ;)

And - if you haven't heard the news yet - our fab new DT members will share their first projects with us this month (some of them with team A today and some with team B in the mid-month reminder post)!!! So watch out: there will be even more inspiration for you from now on! 
And if you take the time to leave a short comment with our teamies' blogs you might make someone veeery happy (and let them know that their efforts get noticed! ;) 
Get to their blogs by clicking the names above the images. To look at a larger version of the projects images click the images. 

Here we go:


I am so excited and honored to share my first project with all of you!

You never know what may pour out of an overturned bottle in Steampunk land!

I do enjoy playing with gears and cogs and bits of metal, and you can often spy them in my  work, so my challenge was how to focus on them? My imagination ran wild in creating this mixed media canvas. I had a vision of a bottle overturning on a shelf and pouring out everything needed to make a machine, thus creating these flying machines.The rest of the ideas just poured in from there - oh I do love steampunk!


Hi! It's my first work for DT, I was so excited creating this altered peep toe shoe with cogs, gears, screws, chains, metal filigree elements and glass beads. I like alterations, steampunk can manage and helps me to do them. Maybe it's not full of elements as I've used to do as far  but I wanted something more simple and to make every element clear.


Old metal box + cogs =

and inside......... guess what ?

for more cogs visit my blog ;)

Five waxed steampunkers on Gear it Up

This time I decided to gear it up... minimalist style. :) I made a necklace with a pendant made from a bottle filled with 'raining gears'. I attached them to the bottom of the cork using thin wire. It's like a little bit of gear magic trapped within glass walls... Take a closer peek on my blog.


Hach! My wonderful steampunk ladies make me so proud! (as do the fab entries from our players of course ;)
So let us see those gears by joining in our challenge! We would love you to share some of your fab steampunk art with us again! 
The challenge will be open until the end of the month (and we will reveal the prize sponsor for this month along with the projects from team B in the mid-month reminder post on the 15th) - so there should be enough time to create and have fun.
Please, make sure you enter your projects to the according inlinz collection - depending on whether you have created a two-dimensional (2D) or three-dimensional (3D) project. 

Hugs and happy crafting,
Claudia & the SASPC team!

Friday, February 20, 2015

Welcome our New DT Members!

Servus and welcome back!

It's time - and a huge pleasure for us - to announce our new Design Team members! Finally!!!!

As I have already said last time: we had the most wonderful applications from around the globe from the most amazingly talented Steampunk crafters and artists and if I could have I would have taken on all of them....lol...but that would have lead to SanDee&amelie's Steampunk Challenges risking having more DT members than players perhaps...which might look a bit awkward to be honest. ;)
So sadly I had to not only send four happy invites to four lovely ladies but also send some refusals to some lovely ladies.... sigh. Just know: we loved all of your artwork - but choose we must! xxx

So just give me a second to put on my Kermit-the-Frog costume - so I can wave my hands in a proper fashion when I shout: "Get ready to welcome our new, fantastic ladies Niki, Maura, Dee and Zoja! Applause, applause, applaaauuusssseee!!!!!!" (*wavingaboutmadly)



To learn more about our new ladies' arts and crafts just click their DT badges to get to their blogs! Or use the list of their blog names:

If you leave them a warm welcome comment that would make them very happy!

We are so excited to have them with us now and work alongside these fabulously talented and lovely ladies! Welcome to the team! XXX

You will see their first steampunk projects for our challenge blog in March - so watch out!

If you haven't already joined in our actual challenge "Unfinished Steampunk", why not take a closer look (HERE and HERE) and play along? There's still time until the end of the month to enter a project and thus get eligible for winning our prize (which is donated by Retro Kraft Shop this month! Yay!).

Hugs and happy crafting,
Claudia and the (grown) SASPC-team!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

"Unfinished Steampunk Challenge" - Mid Month Reminder

Hi and servus and welcome back to team B's inspirations bundle of Steampunk goodness for our February challenge!

It is 

we want to see you enter and the theme may actually sound trickier than it really is. We really challenge you to be daring and leave an unfinished looking space with your creations that works as a contrast or as part of your project's concept (or story).That's something totally different than just stopping in the middle or after you have done three thirds of your project....and it will also look totally different....lol.

Team A has already shown three fabulous and different approaches to this month's challenge theme (over HERE) and with today's part 2 there should be more than enough "nourishment" to artistically feed on.

But before I show you the creations of team B I want to invite you to check back on February 20th to find out who our new team members will be! We had the most wonderful applications from most incredibly talented folk and choosing was really(!) hard - but choose we must (as otherwise we would have ended up with more team members than players....lol) - and we did! And the team and I are so looking forward to introduce to you the fab new artists who will join us all in March and add their fantastic steampunk art to our community! Yay!

Enough written and said for now - here come the projects of team B! Make sure you also visit their personal blogs (you get there by clicking the names) and maybe even leave them a comment some time - so they know you have enjoyed their work and effort. For enlarged view click the images.


I loved this idea, but I really didn't know where to go with this at first....
I usually think of my work as 'unfinished' and I have a really hard time stopping myself from over-doing each creation - So how was I going to make this creation look like it is unfinished?......
Eventually I decided the only way was for me to leave part totally undone - leaving just a blueprint style of scribbled ideas, directions and colour prompts.

- Behind the mask -
It's carnival season
and I love this fantastic masks from Venice.  
On the left side you can see the unfinished version.

 I used a G45 designer paper which I partially glued onto a paint board that was covered with white Gesso. The upper left corner remained (almost) untreated. I left the torn edge to create a kind of peeled off look. This way you get an idea of what has happened on that piece of paintboard to make it look like the finished "rest".


 Our February challenge is open until the end of the month and you get to the inlinkz collections by clicking HERE (or clicking the badge on top of the side bar). There you will also find the makes of Team A if you haven't already seen those. 

The prize for the February challenge (that will go to one randomly drawn player)  is sponsored this time by


Retro Kraft Shop (which is owned by lovely Agnieszka, also known as Meresanth) offer the most fabulous range of products for creating vintage and steampunk art! So don't miss your chance to win a voucher for shopping! All you have to do is enter a project and play along! 

We are looking forward to see your lovely steampunk art entered soon!

Hugs and happy crafting,
Claudia and the SASPC-team

Saturday, February 14, 2015

January's Top3 and Prize Winner


Sorry for the delay (due to me being on school (skiing) holidays with my family) - but now's the time: here come our prize winner and Top3 from the "3's my lucky number" January challenge!!!

We had (again) the most wonderful entries and (as always) choosing was rather picking the most favourites from favourites throughout. You all never fail to amaze us! Wow!

Our prize sponsor for January were


and they are giving away a 20 Euro voucher for shopping with their online store! And the lucky winner who is going to spend some unexpected pocket money at Bastel-Welt Schobes iiiiiiis.....


Yay! Huge congrats, Sabine! Have fun shopping and thank you so much for playing with us last month! xxx (please, let me know via email to which email address they should send the voucher).

And our Top3 are (in no particular order):




Gosh! Your fab makes really blew us away, ladies! Huge congrats and thank you all so much for sharing your steampunk art with us and for playing along with us so constantly! Please, feel free to grab the Top3 badge for display on your blogs! xxx

Thank you of course to all our wonderful and true players who join in our challenges so constantly and help make our place the special arty steampunk corner it has become! Mwah! X

Tomorrow we will provide you with another bundle of inspiration - created by team B -  along with our mid-month-reminder, so make sure you come back to have a close look at some more steampunk goodness! And on February 20th you will learn about the new team members - so make sure to check back then too! ;)

Hugs and happy crafting,
Claudia and the SASPC team!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

"Unfinished Steampunk" - the February Challenge

Servus and welcome to today's start of our February challenge!

"Unfinished Steampunk"

is our theme this time and I know pretty well that this is a tricky one. But this is a challenge blog, right? And actually there is no right or wrong anyway.... so I hope you will give it a try and create a tag, ATC, card, mixed media project, altered art project, art journal page,.....well, whatever comes to your mind (as long as it is steampunk-ed! ;)

 I would like to encourage you to leave some areas/parts of your creations unfinished or have them look unfinished! It should definitely not just look as if you had forgotten to finish your project off with some spots, but the unfinished (but maybe already primed or half treated) part should build a dynamic contrast or in any other way an important part of your project's composition or concept.

I am pretty sure there are a lot more ways I haven't yet thought of to interpret this challenge - so be daring and surprise me (as you mostly always do with all the fab projects you enter ;) and maybe yourselves as well! 


Due to me being on school holiday this week, the announcement of the prize winner and Top3 will be on Saturday, 14th - just one day before our mid-month inspiration bundle is about to hit the bloggosphere! 

Aaaand there will of course be the announcement of our new team members shortly - so be sure to be on the look out for that! (I am sooo excited as we managed to get some fabulously talented ladies on the team! Yay!).

But for now let's directly head on to the makes of team A - and they definitely managed to rise up to this challenge! But see for yourselves:

For february a tag .... with an unfinished part : the cog
it's a die cut with my machine 
more on my blog

"I'm sitting here having trouble with finishing this BlueFish. My dear friend George has sent me some proposals, but they did not make it easier for me - I know, I have the right things in my stash - but I'm not sure what it is... and what I've found up until now doesn't satisfy ---"
See more frustration on my blog

How about a project which reveals all of its secrets? This album cover shows you how it was made step by step, left to right, top to bottom. :)
See close-ups on my blog.


Well, that should already show that there's pretty much room for interpretation of all kinds with this challenge theme! And I love the three different approaches shown by team A! They make me even more curious about what you - our players - will enter!

The challenge will be open until February 28th, midnight (Central European Time)! And as always we offer two separate collections - one for the 2D creations and one for your 3D makes. Hope to see you join in soon! 

Hugs and happy crafting, 
Claudia and the SASPC team

Thursday, January 15, 2015

"Three's my Lucky Number" - Mid Month Reminder

Servus and welcome back to the second part of this month's challenge

"Three's my Lucky Number"

in which we want to see threes and threesomes of all kinds with your makes (and some cool/vintage/grunge/... Steampunk of course).

By following the LINK to the introductional post for the challenge you will also get to the inspirational pieces team A has done to get you on track. Today it is time for team B to provide you with some more!

And it is also time to reveal this month's sponsor who will donate a prize to one randomly drawn winner after the challenge has closed (which will be on January 31st at midnight Central European Time) :


  Bastel-Welt Schobes, who are giving away a 20 Euro voucher to use at their web store! We are very grateful to have them with us this year and what a fab start they make for 2015! 

So don't hesitate - create! lol


Now to the makes of team B:

(if you want to see more details or learn more about the projects just click the teamies' names to get to their blogs. And if you even take the time to leave them a short comment so they know you were there, you will make them very happy!

Loved making this...grungy gears softened by grungy roses - all in 3's of course!

All good things come in threes, or?
Adventure, Fantasy and Power - that's my favourites, when I think about the magical Steampunk world.
More details can be found on my blog

"Three Men in a Boat"
the Steampunk version 

Mixed media on a 4x6'' Art Journal Card. 
(my new favourite substrate to work on!)
My "Three Men in a Boat" (based on the novel by Jerome K. Jerome) haven't entered their Steampunk boat yet - but the look like real pioneers and more than ready to go, don't they? 


 You see? There are more than three ways to interpret our challenge ;)
You get to the post with the inlinkz collections (for the 2D and 3D makes) by clicking HERE
Prize winner and Top 3 will be announced about a week after the new challenge has started (maybe a little later this time due to school (and therefore skiing) holidays over at my place). And we will also announce our new DT members from the DT Call (which is still open until the end of January too! Further information can be found HERE).

We are looking forward to see your wonderful entries soon! 

Hugs and happy crafting!
Claudia and the SASPC team

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Prize Winner of our Christmas Wishing Draw

Servus and welcome back!

Time to announce who was picked by random.org among all the lovely Christmas wishing comments (which we are very grateful for! xx) and wins the fab $25 voucher sponsored by


and it is:


Yay! Congrats, Maura, and happy shopping! ;)
Please, let me know which mail adress I should forward to IE so they can send the voucher to you.


As we had no regular challenge for December the next Top3 can be made and seen with the actual January challenge that is to be found HERE and is open until the end of the month as usual. And don't forget to come back on January 15th to see the makes of Team B! And if you haven't already checked out our sponsors for 2015 click HERE. We were able to get some fab new sponsors aboard and also to keep most of our beloved old and true sponsors as well!

Hugs and happy crafting,
Claudia and your SASPC-Team!